Eine neue AG

Kennt ihr schon Anna Dora David?

My name is Anna Dora David, I am working in this semester here as a Comenius-assistant. I am from Hungary, from Budapest, just about to finish my studies at the ELTE, the University of Budapest in Hungarian, Art History, and English

Being involved in the Comenius-project Art Brought to Life, I witness an approach of art - and culture teaching which is new for me and from which I'd like to gain new perspectives in promoting visual culture. I also assist English teaching in the 6th and 12th grades, offering supportive teaching in need of it.

Ungarische und Europäische AG in englischer Sprache für die Klassen 8-13
Donnerstag 8.+9.Stunde im Januar + Februar 2011.

For all of you, who have interest for Hungarian Culture to join the occasions that are to be held in January and February about Hungary on Thursdays, in the 8th -9th lesson. Please contact me or the SCHÜLERCLUB for further information and for subscription.

I hope, you will benefit from my stay as much as I do.